Zoological Science Division
Zoological Sciences Division is engaged in exploration, collection, preservation, identification and documentation of faunistic wealth of Pakistan. Huge collection of animals including insects, mollusks, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals have already been added in its reference collection for further exploitation in applied research. The Division conducts research in zoogeography and biodiversity with special reference to the impact of environmental degradation. 

It provides advisory/ consultancy services to different organizations in conservation of wildlife and ecosystem rehabilitation. The Division helps in preparation of dioramas, exhibits, pamphlets and posters related to zoological sciences. It also imparts training in taxidermy, preservation and curation. The scientists working in this Division are mostly foreign trained and highly qualified. They have published three books and more than 180 research articles in national and foreign journals. The Division organized an International biodiversity expedition Hunza-2000 in collaboration with University of Oxford, U.K. and Florida Museum of Natural History, USA to document high altitude biodiversity and ecology of Northern Areas. The Expedition represented the most comprehensive biological survey ever undertaken in the high altitudes. The Expedition was an extension of a 7-year long research collaboration on butterflies between Pakistan Museum of Natural History and Oxford University Natural History Museum. The Expedition not only helped in extending knowledge of Himalayan-Karakoram biodiversity but also provided baseline data for the future assessment of environmental change.


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