Virtual Orientation Gallery   (VOG)   is a creative achievement in the field of information technology and consists of informative software on Natural History of Pakistan. VOG runs on a network of computer systems located in the PMNH Display Centre using  touch screen systems for an interactive learning experience. It is an important project of Pakistan Museum of Natural History, based on informal education regarding natural history of Pakistan. VOG aims at providing interactive electronic based information kiosk for students and general public on Pakistan natural resources i.e. flora, fauna, minerals and fossils. VOG complements the existing information and awareness related activities and features of PMNH including dioramas in various galleries, film shows, posters, brochures, workshops, seminars and lectures.



There are four major components of VOG. Other than the World of Natural History section, all components are available in both English and Urdu for the convenience of users:
  • About PMNH (Urdu/English): This section provides a summary of the various functions, activities and scientists/staff of PMNH. Visitors can get complete information about PMNH by touching “About PMNH” icon on the screen. Information regarding PMNH establishment, museum location, Zoological Sciences Division, Botanical Sciences Division, Earth Sciences Division, Public Services Division, scientists/staff of various divisions, their research and other activities are provided to the user. 
  • Virtual Tour (Urdu/English): Visitors can take a virtual tour of the different galleries of PMNH for a virtual orientation of the museum. By touching “Virtual Tour” icon, the visitors get an idea about location of the exhibits in various galleries of the Museum. These galleries include Paleo Gallery, Eco Gallery, Gemstone Gallery, Biodiversity Gallery and Tethy’s Gallery. This animated virtual tour also helps in locating the various sections of the museum.
  • World of Natural History (English): By touching the icon of “World of Natural History”, visitors have access to information about the natural wealth of Pakistan including plants, animals, birds, minerals, gemstones, fossils and rocks. This information is in the form of text, photographs, movies and sounds. Data of approximately 3000 natural history specimens has already been entered. The database has been designed in such a manner that additional information can be added in the future as a continuous research project. This section has information of interest for the general visitor and technical information for children, students and scientists.
  • Kids Corner (Urdu/English): By touching “Kids Corner” children can explore the world of natural history through different games. Special interactive games have been developed in this regard, which provide a wealth of information on natural history to the children. 

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