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International Museum Day on 18th May, 2013

Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH) celebrated International Museum day on 18th May, 2013. International Museum day is being celebrated around the world by the member countries of International Council of Museum (ICOM) every year.  Different activities being carried out by the museums of the world to make people aware about the significance of museums, like Art competition, Nature Photography, free entry for the public etc. PMNH allowed free entry to the visitors on International Museum Day, 2013. In this regard PMNH send information for poster and related activities in PMNH with reference to celebration of International Museum Day, 2013 to ICOM for their International Museum Day dedicated website. All information along-with poster is available on their website (

PMNH join the World Museum Community by becoming the Institutional Member of ICOM.

Pakistan Museum of Natural History, now become the part of world museums society by joining the International Council of Museum (ICOM) as an Institutional Member. ICOM has broader network of 2000 0 museums, 30000 experts in various fields and 171 active National Committees around the world. PMNH has received Institutional Membership Cards, having the registration No.16151. Membership cards will provide the following benefits:

  1. Can enter museums around the world either free of charge or at discounted rate and sometimes you have a privileged access to their permanent collections and/or temporary exhibitions. You will see a list of museums offering free or discounted entry to ICOM card-holders here (Coming soon).
  2. Can enjoy discounts at museum shops and some publishing houses.
  3. Can have beneficial rates to many events organized by ICOM partners.

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