Biodiversity of Pakistan: Database and Global Networking (BGN) project is one of the most important IT projects of PMNH funded by MoST. The Project has been completed and is in working condition. The project was aimed to carryout automation and networking of PMNH, both in terms of research and public education is likely to increase significantly as follows:- Efficient Maintenance / Retrieval of Record Web Publishing of Information ( Provision of Maximum Information to public Sharing of Biodiversity Data with Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) BGN project is part of the programme entitled "Global Biodiversity Information Facility"(GBIF). The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF, is an independent international organization whose overall mission is to work with its partners (countries, international organizations, natural history museums, herbaria, the scientific and IT communities, and the international biodiversity-related conventions) to provide free and universal access to the world's primary biodiversity data. PMNH is the only focal point of GBIF here in Pakistan and in this regard a MOU had been signed with GBIF in 2001. PMNH is the Associate Participant of GBIF and has started sharing the scientific data in the field of biodiversity of Pakistan with GBIF through PMNH NODE.

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