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What We Do:
  • There are more than 30 scientists and other professionals engaged in research pertaining to the natural wealth of Pakistan.
  • PMNH scientists/researchers collect, preserve, label and catalogue natural history specimens (plants, animals, rocks, minerals and fossils) as a reference material according to the standardized procedure.
  • PMNH scientists contribute towards discovery of new species of animal, fossils and plants.
  • PMNH scientists publish research outcomes in national and international journals.
  • PMNH collaborates with various R&D and academic organizations of foreign countries such as USA, UK, Japan, Italy, France, Switzerland, China, Tajikistan and Poland for research activities.
  • PMNH displays natural history of Pakistan through 3-D dioramas, galleries and various exhibits.
  • PMNH regularly publishs natural history brochures, leaflets, bulletins, books and posters for mass education.
  • PMNH organizes symposia/workshops/conferences related to natural history issues on regular basis. Celebration of different international days is a regular feature of PMNH activities.
  • PMNH facilitates in setting-up new museums. Establishment of NMST Lahore, Maritime Museum Karachi, Children Complex Lahore and Science Center Faisalabad are some of the examples on its credit.

What We Offer :
  • PMNH offers scientific experties on Geological, Botanical and Zoological expeditions, exploration, collection, preservation and curation as well as taxidermy and model preparation.
  • Provides services in identification of plants, animals, minerals, rocks, fossils, precious and semi-precious stones.
  • Provides technical assistance in establishment of new museums/natural history corners and organizing large scale scientific exhibitions and expos.
  • Provides services of popular scientific lectures / films shows to schools, colleges and universities etc.

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